Podcast Marketing: 5 ways to grow your audience
Podcast Marketing: 5 ways to grow your audience

Podcast Marketing: 5 ways to grow your audience

For those of you who’ve always thought about podcasting, but never got to it, 2021’s a better time than ever. The pandemic has pushed a lot more people to consume information online, which means it’s the perfect time to get your brand name out there through podcasts. Now, if you don’t know how to go about starting your own, check out our “6 key steps to creating a successful podcast.” If you’ve done that already and have got a podcast going, we can move on to the next step, which is podcast marketing.

5 things that can help your podcast marketing strategy

1. Guest podcasting: This basically means that you become a guest on someone else’s podcast. This can do a few things that are beneficial for both parties. By participating in someone else’s podcast, you’re not only allowing yourself to be heard by a completely new set of listeners but you’re also introducing your own group to the host. From here on, it’s easier for the audience to subscribe or follow both podcasts. Simply put, it’s collaborative community building.

2. Use your guest’s audience to grow: Let’s say you’re hosting a podcast and you have invited a guest. A day before recording, create different kinds of shareable assets revolving around your guest. Things such as, quotes, past social media statuses, pictures etc. Use short snippets from past videos and interviews they’ve been in. Send it over to your guest and request them to post on all of their communication channels. Finally, consider livestreaming to increase reach.

3. Keep the hype going: The recording of your podcast went well and you had an amazing time. What now? As soon as your episode goes live, make use of every promotional channel available to you. Create a mini promotional campaign if you will. Get creative; use media that is rich, soundbites, behind the scenes snippets, images, video. Post soundbites on Soundcloud. And lastly, the moment it’s up on iTunes, let everyone know. Good ratings on this platform can translate to possible revenue and reach.

4. Podcast Repurposing: For podcasters who record in only audio, here’s a fun way to promote and increase your reach. Once the recording’s finished and the episode’s live, get all that was said and discussed during the recording transcribed – something we can help you with. Once the transcription is done, you can repurpose it as content for your brand, in any way you see fit. For example, the transcription can be turned into a blog post (think SEO and rankings), YouTube video or just snippets to be used as stand-alone content.

5. Have a Call To Action (CTA): This is extremely important for your growth as a podcaster. There are many out there, who just upload but forget to incorporate a call to action. Make sure that every episode you upload has some form of call to action. You can do this within the podcast. It can be as simple as saying “Subscribe to us on iTunes.” If you’re posting on your website, create a “Subscribe” button. You could even get creative and give out freebies to people that leave you a review on iTunes. Again, these are all examples of CTA which can help you acquire more reach, so don’t forget about this one.


Lastly, according to Seth Godin, “Podcasting is the new blogging.” And we can’t help, but agree. It is very much like blogging with respect to content creation and purpose, but with the added ability to sound out one’s thoughts, arguments and knowledge over audio. Sometimes, it’s just one person and at other times it’s a discussion among several people. Whatever the case, the aim should always be to provide a rich, high-quality and insightful audio experience.

We hope we’ve been able to provide you with a complete and comprehensive guide to creating and promoting a successful podcast. If you require extra support with marketing your podcast, we’re here for you. Learn more about our services.

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