How to maximise each social media platform
How to maximise each social media platform

How to maximise each social media platform

Creating content unique for a particular social media platform is the best way to increase engagement and boost growth. What is posted on one platform should be entirely different to what is posted on another. So, how do you know what content sits best where?

Firstly you need to understand how the work and maximise them to attract followers. The end result is to convert them into customers, and gain both their trust and loyalty. 

Each social media platform has a different audience

Your content will either win them over, or have them continue to scroll. As the audience differs, it’s important to have a strategy for each platform. For example:

  • Pinterest: Infographics and informational content. It is a visual screen of posts and pictures like Instagram. It hosts high-resolution images, wallpapers, and infographics. A user can save an image to a ‘mood board’ which then makes Pinterest a search engine of its own.
  • Facebook: A hybrid of videos and curated content. Facebook lets you share images, videos, and written content. You can also update your status on it. Typically, video posts produce the highest reach of all types of posts. The curated content and blogs perform well on Facebook pages and groups. This is where more people engage more than on any other social media platform.
  • Twitter: Conversational, best for sharing blog posts, news. It is a platform that runs 24/7 and hosts hot debates and trending news.
  • Instagram: Visual content such as quotes, stories, high-resolution pictures. It facilitates the quality of visual content and engages the audience differently. People also post motivational and inspirational quotes on Instagram, one of the most influential features of this social site.
  • LinkedIn: Professional articles, job postings and business news. It is a platform for ambitious, career-oriented people for job search, job listings, and career information. In addition, it is an excellent channel to highlight the progress and culture of companies and their growth.

As you will see there is a lot of ways in which your content could be switched around to suit a new audience, boosting your traffic, and your overall engagement. Posting relevant content on each social media platform will grow your page, group, or account significantly.

If you’re looking for help on how to maximise your social media, we’d love to help. Our services include profile set up, creating social content, managing your social media, and social media audits to review how yours is performing.

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