Medium-rare: The little known platform to boost your content
Medium-rare: The little known platform to boost your content

Medium-rare: The little known platform to boost your content

With increasing amounts of businesses shifting online, the demand is high, for getting your content to reach as many platforms as possible. Today, we’ll take a look at Medium and how this platform can boost your content. We have also come to know that this platform has dubbed itself the ‘YouTube of writing’, and therefore we’ll discuss how we can use it to grow as a business.

What is Medium?

If you’re someone that absolutely loves to write or blog, Medium, in our opinion, is an amazing 2online publishing platform. Regardless of whether you’re a new writer or an established author, Medium, is open to content on any subject matter. Not only can you write and share your content, but you can also join different “Publications.” What are publications? You ask? Publications are similar to Facebook groups. They are a shared space for like-minded writers to come together, write and publish stories on mutually common themes and topics. It’s noteworthy that “publications” can play a crucial part in, making connections as well as getting you noticed. 

Getting started 

Getting started on Medium is easy. It’s exactly the same as signing up on any other website, create an account and start browsing the site. We’ve still broken down the process for you, so you can get this done without any issues.

Create your account: Browse to the website. When it loads, look on the top-left corner for a “Get Started” button. Click on that and you’ll be offered the available sign-up options; email, Google or Facebook. If you have an existing account on social media, be it for yourself or your business, we suggest you sign up using that. 

On the other hand, if you decide to use your email address, you can connect your social media very easily. Click on your profile picture, click on “Settings” and then click “Connections.” After you’ve done that, finish updating your profile as you see fit, and you’re done.

Start posting: You can write on any topic you wish. It could be new content or a repost of something that you’ve posted elsewhere. Now keep in mind that you may have to tweak it a bit, in order to conform to their publishing rules and regulations. Also it’s extremely important you make sure to post your absolute best, since the platform deeply cares about quality. What do they mean by quality? They mean content that follows these guidelines posted by Siobhan O’Connor, VP of the editorial team. 

The big question: Why share your content on Medium?

We wish the answer was as simple as, it’ll boost your sales or it’ll get you more clients. The thing is, it can do all of those things, but there’s no guarantee that it will. What it can do for sure is set your content up to get noticed by a very large number of readers.  

You see, the platform has over 400,000 paying subscribers (paying $4.99 per month) and their website averages between 85 and 100 million active users. It would be foolish to look at this data and not think about how to widen your reach to even a fraction of these numbers.  

Does that mean you put out content that is advertising and promoting your own products and services? We’d like to say yes, but we can’t. On Medium, your content should aim to solely create an experience. And as a result, that may help to increase/boost your following, reach and brand value. Subtle hints about your business goals here and there along with an even more subtle embedded link, is okay. But the main focus should always be, creating a quality reading experience for your audience. 

If you succeed in doing that then there is a high possibility for your content to be picked up by the editorial staff. Also, since Medium works similar to a social media platform, increased shares, follows and claps (same as likes on Facebook), can give your content a chance to get featured. And what does all of this translate to? Brand trust, brand value and brand awareness for your business. 

Next steps

Platforms like Medium are for people like you that have exceptional ideas. And when those ideas are organised into quality content and published on an even higher quality platform, the results can be explosive or should we say “Medium-rare.” 

If you’ve read this far, we’re glad you’ve stayed with us till the end. If you’re looking for support with your content, we offer content marketing services; from creating your strategy, to writing copy for your website or blog. Plus, we can support you on the social media front to really amplify your content. Learn more about our services.

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