About Liz Bhandari

About Liz Bhandari

Our founder Liz has 15 years of marketing and brand management expertise in helping professional services firms succeed. She has nine years of experience as a content creator within the sports and consumer markets.

Liz’s corporate background is working with professional services firms, supporting accountants, architects, law firms, and recruiters including expertise gained at two national law firms ranked in the top 10 and 25, a top 10 global audit, tax, and consulting firm and a top 20 architectural practice.

Some of the projects Liz was involved in during her time included:

  • rebranding the look and feel and the customer journey as part of an alum programme
  • managing the sponsorship of professional athletes and utilising the opportunity to reach new audiences
  • project managing a major event series, including planning and delivery of content.

Why work with Liz?

Liz can articulate and deliver brand messages through various communication channels. She has the skills and confidence to plan, implement and monitor effective marketing campaigns. 

Through managing major event series and marketing campaigns, Liz has developed an analytical mind. She has a solid problem-solving approach and personal resilience to handle the challenges and pressure they bring.