About Liz Bhandari

About Liz Bhandari

Meet Liz Bhandari: A blend of marketing expertise and genuine passion

Hello! I’m Liz Bhandari, and for the past 17 years, I’ve immersed myself in the world of marketing and brand management. My journey has been more than just a career; it’s been a passion for connecting with people and telling stories that matter. Outside of work, you’ll often find me engaged in the American Football community, whether writing an article, hosting my own podcast ‘Cleats Off’ or sharing insights as a guest host on Sky Sports podcast ‘Her Huddle’.

My professional path

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with renowned brands such as Eversheds, DWF, Brabners, Aedas Architects, and RSM. Here’s a glimpse into some of my key achievements:

  • Revitalising the Eversheds alum program: This project was close to my heart. It was about creating an experience that resonated with our alumni, making them feel valued and connected. It taught me the power of engagement and the importance of community in a brand’s narrative.
  • Elevating RSM’s sponsorship game: I leveraged my expertise to strategically manage sponsorships with professional athletes, turning these partnerships into powerful tools for brand storytelling and audience connection.
  • Crafting memorable events: As a skilled project manager, I’ve orchestrated event series that left lasting impressions. It’s about creating moments that people remember and talk about long after they’ve ended.

A personal approach

My approach to marketing is rooted in authenticity and partnership. I believe in open communication, understanding your unique challenges, and working together to find solutions that not only meet but exceed your goals. With me, it’s never about being pushy or sales-y; it’s about creating a journey we both believe in.

A personal passion for influencer marketing

My love for sports led me into the world of influencer marketing. Building a following on social media and collaborating with brands like Bose Europe, Just Hype, and Fanatics has been an exhilarating extension of my professional skills. These experiences have enriched my understanding of diverse audience engagement and the power of a personal brand.

Why collaborate with Liz Bhandari?

Collaborating with me means partnering with someone who’s not just experienced but also genuinely invested in your success. I bring to the table a blend of strategic acumen and creative storytelling, ensuring that your campaigns resonate deeply with your target audience. When challenges arise, my resourcefulness and problem-solving skills come to the forefront, finding innovative solutions that drive success.

Let’s create something remarkable together

If you’re looking for a marketing partner who’s as enthusiastic about your brand’s story as you are, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s explore how we can work together to craft compelling narratives and strategies that propel your brand to new heights. Together, let’s leave a lasting impact on your audience and forge a path to greatness.