The 15 minute social media audit everyone can complete
The 15 minute social media audit everyone can complete

The 15 minute social media audit everyone can complete

Social media isn’t a case of creating your profile to never be touched again. Things change, we change, so it’s important to run the occasional social media audit to make sure what you have said is still relevant. After all, your car has an annual MOT, so why not your social media too? Plus, you can learn a lot by simply noticing how you manage, or don’t manage your online brand. 

So why is a social media audit important? Maintaining a social media profile for a brand can be a full-time job. So if you do a job that consumes most of your day and attention, then I see how this wouldn’t be your top priority. However, if you stop using your social media regularly, your followers switch off and the reach you once had isn’t so strong anymore. An audit ensures your profile is active and that it is working. It’s great even for those who are active to make sure everything is up to date, looking fresh, and feeling as strong as it can be. 

So where do you even start? 

  1. Get yourself a spreadsheet started so you can keep everything in one place.
  2. Note down every single account, even the ones you don’t use. This way you’re fully aware of every account you have on whichever platform.
  3. Review your biography/profile, is there a picture, words in the profile, a website link. Note this all down. Is it all correct? Is it relevant? If it isn’t let’s get that updated. 
  4. Make a note in your diary to check back in 6 months’ time to measure progress too. Why is measuring progress important? A couple of reasons, we all love to see growth. Plus, if you set yourself some goals, you’ve got something to work towards. 
  5. Note down the number of followers your accounts each have. All social media platforms offer insight/statistics so do the research, see what influence your posts have, what is their reach, what is the click rate?

There you have it, five simple rules to follow in order to do a social media audit of your own. It helps you keep on track and up to date. 

Of course if you feel you’d like more and really get your social media booming,  we offer a range of services including social media – from profile creation to creating content, to fully managing your social and running detailed audits to see where and how you can maximise opportunities. 

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