How often should you post across social media?
How often should you post across social media?

How often should you post across social media?

We often get asked how frequently and effectively you can post on your social media. The key is to maintain a balance of listening and sharing. This will increase your engagement and create brand awareness. So, how frequently should you post and when is the ideal time to post it?

When to post content on Facebook

Publishing fresh and compelling content can significantly increase engagement and brand’ notoriety. Posting anywhere between four and ten times a week is ideal for Facebook but remember to balance ‘the sell’ vs. building a relationship.

A Facebook post reaches 75% of its potential engagement in the first five hours. This means frequency and scheduling go parallel, as posting at the right time can get you to the precise audience. Our advice? Post twice a day, seven days a week between 10:08am and 3:04pm. Why? It is a great way to connect with a global audience.

When to post content on Twitter

The conversation is key on Twitter, and keeping on top of the trending conversations is a great way to do this. The more you tweet, the more opportunity you have to engage with your audience. Of course, the magic mark for optimal posting is creating three unique tweets a day, but that shouldn’t hold you back from holding a conversation with others; you could even tweet up to 30 times a day to keep that going.

Twitter is practically 24/7. The lifespan of your tweet is 18 minutes till the retweet occurs. This shows the peak of maximum engagement that can happen, especially if used for customer services. As a customer typically expects to be answered within 60 minutes to their request. Since the life cycle of a tweet is shorter than Facebook, you have to play safe and wittily.

When to post content on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn recently shared insights over how to post on their platform and advise them to share twenty posts per month, one per weekday (avoiding the weekend). Posting in such a manner can increase your chances of reachability to 60% of your audience.

For LinkedIn, a good routine would be to post around 8:14 am, five days a week, as this works well with the global audience and could be significant in terms of engagement and reachability.

When to post content on Instagram

Our all-time favourite Instagram’s engagement and reachability solely depend on quality over quantity of content. You can post as minimum as twice a day or ten posts per day as long as your content is compelling and exciting to your audience. You may bring plenty of new followers to your brand if your content is persuasive enough to captivate your audience’s attention. Another good thing about Instagram is it allows you to know your potential audience’s preferences.

The best time to post on Instagram Stories would from 11 am to 2 pm through Monday to Friday 10 to 15 times a day, as it is calculated that this strategy offers greater engagement and increased opportunities. The feed, it is recommended to post at least once a day.

Next steps…

This level of attention will work wonders and boost your engagement even further. Not only that but it will help you understand your audience better too.

So now that you’re armed with this knowledge what will you do? Our advice is to start planning your content and we have some incredible articles in our resources to help you with this.

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