Modern Email Marketing: Why it works?
Modern Email Marketing: Why it works?

Modern Email Marketing: Why it works?

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc around the world, more businesses are looking for online marketing solutions. Regardless of the size of your business, you want to use your time and money efficiently. Keeping these requirements in mind, modern email marketing can be very valuable to your marketing goals. Yes, there are other popular ways to reach customers. But, data suggests that marketing through electronic mail should NOT be ignored as a viable way to grow your business.

What is email marketing?

To put it simply, it’s promoting your products and services through emails. Email is also useful to inform, sell and even create a community around your business. Contrary to popular belief, modern email marketing techniques are no longer about mass mailing or spamming inboxes. In fact, the focus is on consent and personalisation, which means that it can be more targeted and segmented.

Statistics that you need to know

According to Statista, the number of global email users in 2020, stood at 4 billion. This number will increase to 4.6 billion by the year 2025. Also in the year 2020, the number of emails sent and received daily stood at 306.4 billion emails. And lastly, when it came to advertising online, emails have seen a higher click-through-rate than posts on social media. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) refers to when a person clicks on a link after opening a message in their inbox. Basically, email is still relevant as a mode of communication and marketing. And this is regardless of the growing popularity of chatting apps, such as, WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram.

Why you should consider marketing through email?

Email automation: The ability to automate your marketing strategy is a blessing. You set up your criteria and your triggers and the process becomes autonomous 24/7. Common examples of automated emails are, welcome emails, newsletters, discounts on products and services etc.

It’s more effective at customer acquisition: Acquiring customers for a business is as important as eating and drinking for humans to survive. In the UK, email is the leading marketing channel, used by many businesses. In fact, 91% of advertisers, have stated emails to be an important channel for attracting new customers. Even consumers prefer emails, 59%, more than other traditional methods.     

Potential for wider reach: The Office of National Statistics, in their latest study found that 86% of the adult population in the UK, chose email as their most common activity online. Moreover, the average email opening rate in the UK was around 18.39% as of 2020. In addition, almost every user in the UK checks their non-work emails every day (Cybercrew, 2020). This information alone should get business owners to think about how to get their products and services into your customer’s inboxes.

Metrics are usually easy to track: Modern email marketing service providers allow you to access all relevant data. You’ll get reports on, but not limited to, emails sent, opened, clicked and even stats for the number of users who unsubscribed. And this data can be obtained for each email sent out. Therefore, at the end of your campaign, you should have a good idea of what needs tweaking or additional support.

Greater return on investment: Also known as ROI. For every pound you spend on email marketing, your ROI is between £42 and £48 (Pg13, Marketers Email Tracker, DMA, 2019). Now, we all know that sending emails are inexpensive and if you’re using a free provider such as Gmail, then it costs nothing. However, in order to start an email marketing campaign, you will need to get a paid service so it can send out a lot of emails. In short, this investment is not a bad one considering the possible ROI.


To summarise, modern email marketing has been proven to have a quantifiable impact on a business. It’s a great strategy for small and midsize businesses, looking to increase their reach, drive more sales, develop brand awareness, and lower costs. Moreover, if you pair it with advertising on other platforms such as social media marketing, a business has the possibility to grow immensely.

It’s essential for business owners to recognise and understand their marketing needs/goals and plan accordingly. But we also know, that sometimes planning and strategising can be difficult without additional support. Therefore, we’d be happy to support your business, with planning and executing your email marketing campaigns. From getting your mailing list set up to helping you create your template design for the emails, to choosing the right campaigning service, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our services.

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