Brandari is proud to be a part of the Altrincham BID
Brandari is proud to be a part of the Altrincham BID

Brandari is proud to be a part of the Altrincham BID

This week I crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s to become voluntary members of the Altrincham BID. This is a moment I’ve wanted to make happen for a while, and it is so exciting to see the Brandari profile on

If you’ve not heard of Altrincham BID before, they provide additional or improved services above and beyond those the local council provides. All to make Altrincham a better place to do business. It is business-funded and business-led, and it is thanks to them our town has a program of footfall-driving events, seasonal campaigns, and year-round deep cleaning.

A great example is the Christmas Lights. My automatic assumption was the council arranged this, but they didn’t. It’s all the hard work of the Altrincham BID, and my contribution will be that bulb you see at the left but in the centre of the tree … Ok, I kid, but you get my point?

So why Altrincham, you may be wondering? I first moved here in January 2019, having previously fallen in love with the food and drink scene. It’s always had a good atmosphere here. What’s not to love? Plus, as both a committed business owner and supporter of local businesses, I really wanted to play an active role in contributing to the growth and development of our town.

I’m excited to see where the next few months take me in terms of meeting like-minded individuals and learning from the experiences of fellow Altrincham business owners. I look forward to attending the local events and workshops that will help me enhance my skills and knowledge. Even more so, I seek any opportunity to help support the Altrincham BID further.

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