Own your hustle! How to start and run your own business | Interview with Sarah Knight
Own your hustle! How to start and run your own business | Interview with Sarah Knight

Own your hustle! How to start and run your own business | Interview with Sarah Knight

Starting your own business can be a difficult endeavour, but it can be even more challenging as a woman. Struggling with your mindset, procrastination, and lack of the right support are just some of the hurdles women face when trying to start their own businesses. However, there are many successful female entrepreneurs who have overcome these obstacles to achieve success and inspire other women. Sarah Knight shares her story.

In today’s episode, we have Sarah Knight. She is the founder of Mind the Gap Business Academy, a training, development, and mindset coaching business that is focused on providing tailored training on human skills to make your business more productive, more effective, and more successful. Sarah started this business after losing her job while she was 26 weeks pregnant and realized she was on her own. Despite all the lows life had given her, including being a single mother for years, she still managed to tackle these challenges head-on to setting up a successful business.

Drawing inspiration from different people in her life, from old friends, her daughter, and even some of the most successful women entrepreneurs such as Nina Webb and Sandy Lindsey, Sarah joins us to share her success story and tips for women just looking to start their own business. She also shares more on how you can navigate the challenging world of being your own boss, and how having a network around you can be a deal-breaker.

Tune in for these and more on this week’s episode! Happy listening!

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  • [03:15] How Sarah was brought up
  • [04:18] Overcoming the barrier of struggling with your mindset
  • [07:36] Staying motivated throughout the hardships
  • [10:14] How important is having a female network close to you?
  • [11:36] Common myths about running your business
  • [13:50] What people struggle with the most
  • [16:45] Sarah’s advice to a woman who wants to start a business
  • [19:48] Who inspired Sarah?
  • [21:33] How to connect with Sarah

Notable Quotes

  • I was brought up in a world of work, which was “be fierce,” and show no vulnerabilities.
  • If you want something to change, you have to do something different.
  • There’s no one else I can rely on apart from myself. And that’s the step change.
  • Sometimes it’s just about saying f**k it and getting under the duvet 24 hours, allowing your brain to process, and giving yourself a break.
  • Some days, everybody doubts themselves, whether you want to call it impostor syndrome, self-belief, or whatever title you want to put it on.
  • Every failure teaches us something brilliant, and failing forwards is so important.
  • My first husband taught me what I wanted IN a second husband.
  • The number of people that I speak to, regardless of where they are in their careers, are all talking about this work-life balance. And the first thing I say is, “It’s a crock of shit, it does not exist”.
  • You’ve got to believe in yourself, trust your own instincts, and crack on because you can procrastinate every single day of your life. And all of a sudden, you’ll blink, and you’ll go, “Oh, my God, what happened to the last 10 years?”


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