Your journey to the top: Why your environment has the greatest impact
Your journey to the top: Why your environment has the greatest impact

Your journey to the top: Why your environment has the greatest impact

In today’s Female CEO Club episode, things get really interesting. Liz Bhandari is joined by Sarah Foster, a remarkable woman with many “hats”. Sarah is the managing director of Comply Direct, an environmental consulting firm, as well as an author who specialises in empowering women. The two discuss their career journey, the challenges they faced as they transitioned from high school to the workforce, their life experiences, the impact of their environment on their success, the significance of confidence, and other fascinating things such as the COVID-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc over the world.

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About Female CEO Club

The ‘Female CEO Club’ features interviews with inspirational entrepreneurial women. From starting up a business from scratch, to being asked to take the wheel, these incredible women share the story of their journey, the highs and lows, and the advice they’d like to give those embarking on their own voyage. 

Launched in 2022 by Liz Bhandari, Female CEO Club’ aims to inspire fellow females who are looking to set up on their own, who have already set sail, or who simply love to hear stories from over women who’ve been there, done it, and got the t-shirt.


  • [00:48] Who is Sarah Foster? 
  • [01:40] Sarah’s career Journey
  • [04:31] Importance of having work experience under your belt before finding your niche
  • [06:24] Sarah’s struggles with self-doubt and belief and how she managed to overcome
  • [10:43] How Sarah’s business and team members tackled the Covid-19 pandemic
  • [13:29] Get to know more about B-Corp and Sarah’s commitment to create a better and sustainable world for everyone
  • [17:03] Role of individuals, or even business owners, small or large in creating environmental awareness
  • [19:19] Sarah’s tip: Stepping out of the comfortable comfort zone
  • [22:07] People who inspired/championed Sarah to be who she is today
  • [24:34] Sarah’s piece of advice to anyone keen to start their own, entrepreneurial journey or be at the helm

Noteworthy Quotes

  • “We can often be our worst enemy, in terms of creating doubts.”
  • “In the face of uncertainty and adversity, you just have to look at the facts, you have to take it day by day and do the very best that you can do.”
  • “People and planet should be placed in equal footing with profit for all businesses, and then the world will be a better place.”
  • We live in a world of data and to data really empowers you.
  • “Even when someone’s got a different viewpoint or perspective, I think you’ve got to be open to learning from it and adapting.”
  • “If you don’t do this, someone else will and you’ll have to watch them do it.”


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