Gender balance at the top is still one sided
Gender balance at the top is still one sided

Gender balance at the top is still one sided

Liz Bhandari is joined by Tara Cemlyn-Jones, a woman on a mission and the founder of 25 x25, in the latest episode of Female CEO Club. The two have a fascinating conversation on the lack of gender balance at the top and how it remains one-sided. Cemlyn-Jones wants to increase the number of female CEOs in the top 100 companies in the UK to 25 by 2025. You can’t afford to miss this episode. Take a seat, relax, and tune in to this amazing episode.

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About Tara Cemlyn-Jones

Tara Cemlyn-Jones  is the founder of the 25×25 non-profit initiative. Which she founded in March 2020 with the goal of having 25 female CEOs heading top 100 companies in the UK by 2025.

With over 20 years of experience in consulting, banking, and technology, a skill set that led to the formation of TCJ Fintech Advisory, Tara has hovered between the World of investment banking and the World of tech e-commerce.

About Female CEO Club

The ‘Female CEO Club’ features interviews with inspirational entrepreneurial women. From starting up a business from scratch, to being asked to take the wheel, these incredible women share the story of their journey, the highs and lows, and the advice they’d like to give those embarking on their own voyage. 

Launched in 2022 by Liz Bhandari, a passionate marketing and brand manager living in Greater Manchester, ‘Female CEO Club’ aims to inspire fellow females who are looking to set up on their own, who have already set sail, or who simply love to hear stories from over women who’ve been there, done it, and got the t-shirt.


  • [01:23] Who is Tara Cemlyn-Jones? 
  • [02:00] Fact: Gender balance in the UK and some good News
  • [03:17] Data analysis of different sectors in regards to women coming through to the senior   positions
  • [05:43] Get to know more about 25 x 25 (incorporation) and its plans for the future.
  • [09:59 Most surprising data that shocked 25 x 25 and Prediction tools.
  • [12:30] Why it is important to have own lens and the unfortunate perception of women driven exercises. 
  • [14:00] The goals of 25 by 25
  • [15:45] Tara’s background and career story
  • [18:11] People who inspired Tara move forward in this direction
  • [21:04] Why women are their own cheerleaders and the importance of finding balance.
  • [21.40] Tara’s motivations and how she keeps going
  • [23:45] Tara’s piece of advice to female striving to be CEOs
  • [24:57] Where to Learn More about 25 by 25.

Notable Quotes

  • “Some women and some companies are working particularly hard to find the opportunities for the women so they can get through to the top position, which is the CEO position.”
  • “Women don’t just bubble through to the top…. there had to be the right framework in place for women to succeed.”
  • “Having that outside perspective means that you don’t start off with any view of your own, you don’t have a view, you’re literally just collecting and collating people’s opinion.”
  • “It’s very important for women to speak to women because we face different issues.’ 
  • “Data needs to be measured over a long time, you need to have systematic tracking mechanisms, otherwise data becomes noisy becomes irrelevant.’
  • “You can’t parachute into a CEO position; you need to be prepared for it. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there is no difference.”

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