Let’s be honest about starting a business
Let’s be honest about starting a business

Let’s be honest about starting a business

In the debut episode of Female CEO Club, Liz Bhandari is joined by Naomi Timperley. Naomi is an experienced growth and innovation consultant with extensive experience working with start-ups and growth businesses particularly in the tech, digital and creative sectors. Tune in and get to know Naomi’s take on starting own businesses, the barriers and how to overcome them.

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About Naomi Timperley

Naomi is the Co-Founder of Tech North Advocates and GSI. She is proud to be in the top 50 Computer Weekly Most Influential Women in UK IT for the past four years.

Naomi has been a mentor for 8 years and mentored several hundred businesses. She an Honorary Industry Fellow at the University of Salford Business School and chair of the Industry Advisory Board. Naomi also sits on the board of charity Digital Inc and social Enterprise PIE, and was previously Chair of Future Everything and Capital Pilot.

About Female CEO Club

The ‘Female CEO Club’ features interviews with inspirational entrepreneurial women. From starting up a business from scratch, to being asked to take the wheel, these incredible women share the story of their journey, the highs and lows, and the advice they’d like to give those embarking on their own voyage. 

Launched in 2022 by Liz Bhandari, a passionate marketing and brand manager living in Greater Manchester, ‘Female CEO Club’ aims to inspire fellow females who are looking to set up on their own, who have already set sail, or who simply love to hear stories from other women who’ve been there, done it, and got the t-shirt.


  • [00:55] Who is Naomi Timperley? 
  • [02:05] Naomi’s career profile and journey. 
  • [03:00] How to bridge the gap between education, employment and enterprise.
  • [05:25] About GSI and the number of people mentored.
  • [06:20] Dragons Den/Baby Disco Story
  • [10:05] The challenges women with own businesses go through and how to overcome
  • [13:41] The common myths around starting your own business
  • [14:58] The fears people have starting their own businesses and Naomi’s advice.
  • [16:37] Naomi’s favourite productivity tool or resource
  • [20:36] Productivity tools hacks
  • [22.01] Naomi’s motivations
  • [23:42] How to unwind when not working and setting boundaries 
  • [26:44] Naomi’s list of incredible women and why they are incredible.

Notable Quotes

  • “So, you’ve honed your craft, and you’ve got that experience, so then people can pay you for what you do”
  • “I would say you probably work way harder, but you work smarter when you work for yourself.”
  • “All the people that championed you before, are going to champion you in the same way. That’s not always the case.”
  • “I think sometimes you can wait, and wait, and wait until the right time. And sometimes it can never be the right time.”
  • “The beauty of working for yourself is that you set your clock and your time.’

Connect with Naomi

Twitter: @naomitimperley.

Website: www.wearegsi.com.

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