Why weight loss doesn’t have to be measurable | Interview with Kelly McFie
Why weight loss doesn’t have to be measurable | Interview with Kelly McFie

Why weight loss doesn’t have to be measurable | Interview with Kelly McFie

In this episode of The Female CEO Club podcast, we’re joined by Kelly McFie, whose mission is to help ladies stop yo-yo dieting once and for all and improve their relationship with food for life.

Kelly talks about her journey from when she transitioned from employment and started her business to dealing with the lockdown. She discusses all her achievements and challenges throughout the journey and motivates all other ladies who want to start their entrepreneurial ventures.

Kelly has been a fitness coach for over 10 years, but she knew that wasn’t enough. She wanted more out of her business than just helping people lose weight—she wanted them to feel good about themselves, too. So, she created a plan that would help them do both: get fit while they were feeling good about themselves. And now she’s talking to you about how you can do it too!

About Female CEO Club

The ‘Female CEO Club’ features interviews with inspirational entrepreneurial women. From starting up a business from scratch to being asked to take the wheel, these incredible women share the story of their journey, the highs and lows, and the advice they’d like to give those embarking on their own voyage. 

Launched in 2022 by Liz Bhandari, Female CEO Club aims to inspire fellow females who are looking to set up on their own, who have already set sail, or who simply love to hear stories from over women who’ve been there, done it, and got the t-shirt.

Key Highlights

  • [00:45] Introducing Kelly McFie
  • [01:43] How Kelly’s business started
  • [03:57] The obstacles Kelly faced along the way and overcame
  • [04:23] Kelly’s online coaching adoption
  • [06:47] Kelly’s pros and cons in personal training as a woman 
  • [07:22] Fears people have about the personal training industry and Kelly’s advice
  • [08:59] Roadblocks in nutrition training that people should watch out for 
  • [10:52] 1000 calories worth of snacks, mistakes many people make
  • [11:28] Kelly’s viewpoint on calories listed on menus
  • [11:52] Kelly’s view on having a menu without calories
  • [13:21] How Kelly overcame the history of eating problems
  • [17:10] One of the main reasons Kelly set her business up.
  • [18:11] Misinformation on healthy nutrition is and what a healthy diet is.
  • [21:19] Swapping foods/drinks to save on hundreds of calories
  • [22:13] A typical day for Kelly
  • [24:34] Common myths around starting a business and how Kelly discovered the truth
  • [27:54] How Kelly keeps herself motivated and going
  • [30:37] Kelly’s advice for women who are about to launch entrepreneurial journey

Notable Quotes

  • “A lot of people don’t know what online coaching is. So, I kind of class myself as an online fitness and nutrition coach.”
  • “I think being female and being 40, there’s a massive section of the market who wouldn’t want me to be their personal trainer.’
  • “I think when people think about a personal trainer, a lot of people automatically kind of think of a young boss.”
  • “I personally feel like personal trainers, some of us, I think we have a bad reputation as an industry.”
  • “People are really busy. And they don’t necessarily have the time to prioritize exercise or cooking.”
  • “I don’t ask my clients to cut any foods out, like, we include everything in moderation. As part of a healthy, balanced diet.”
  • “I first started struggling with my eating when I was about 19. And I lost lots of weight intentionally.”
  • “I lost a lot of weight, but not to the point where I would have been diagnosed as anorexic. And so, I was actually diagnosed with an eating disorder that was not otherwise specified. “
  • “It is possible to kind of get that help. But sometimes you feel like you have to knock on a lot of doors to get to it.”
  • “There’s a place for all foods within your diet, even if that place is to provide enjoyment.”


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