3 simple reasons why you should repost and share your blogs more than once on social media
3 simple reasons why you should repost and share your blogs more than once on social media

3 simple reasons why you should repost and share your blogs more than once on social media

Let’s talk about ‘repost’ and sharing. Copying other people’s posts or reposting your previous content on Social Media is a topic that will forever remain controversial. What with some people getting less than a thousand likes on their original post and someone who copied and reposted it getting a hundred thousand more likes. 

Truth is, regardless of the social media platform – Twitter, Facebook, etc., everyone ought to repost content regularly cause it does work. The only thing you need to understand is how to do it in interesting ways to keep your audience engaged.

Before discussing interesting ways to keep account’s followers engaged even when you repost, here are some of the benefits of reposting the same content on social media:

1. A repost significantly increases traffic and exposure

The biggest reason everyone creates a social media page for their brand is to get more exposure.  To do this, everyone shares content and posts to keep their followers engaged. One easy way to do this is by sharing the same content/post more than once without copy-pasting the same thing. 

Knowing the type of post to repost and the ones not to repost is very important. Posts that do well (i.e lots of likes and retweets) do not do quite as well again when re-shared. However, posts that do not perform as expected do exceptionally well when shared again.

2. Time zone plays a factor

This is a very important thing to note about generating traffic and exposure for your posts on Social Media. Let’s take Football Twitter as an example. Tweets about a champion’s league match will do significantly well if it was posted close to a champion’s league match than if it was posted during the off-season. If such a tweet exists, the individual need only re-share the post the next time there is a champion’s league match and the interaction and exposure will blow up.

3. It saves time while also reaching your new and old followers

Of course, the biggest of all reason is that it does save a lot of time. Re-sharing a post made a few months ago again means you get to keep your new followers engaged with little to no work. It is always best to keep track of your follower growth so you can decide when it best to repost content. 

That said, how do you repost without your followers getting tired of seeing the same information?

How to repost content successfully on social media

  1. Do not repost word for word: This is very important if you want to keep both your old and new followers interested in your posts. There are several ways you can rephrase a post without it losing the important message you are trying to pass across. One way to do this is to subtly highlight different elements of the post each time you decide to re-share it.
  2. Know what works: What type of followers do you have? How well do they interact with you posting links that lead them to your website? Do they interact more if you make posts with pictures? 

Consider all these when you want to republish your content. After all, how to get more clicks and engagements on social media posts differs from one individual to the other.  

One way that has been proven to work is republishing posts multiple times on a social media account. And to be honest, there is no harm in trying it out yourself!

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