The power of self care and wellbeing | Interview with Catherine Meardon and Laura Walton
The power of self care and wellbeing | Interview with Catherine Meardon and Laura Walton

The power of self care and wellbeing | Interview with Catherine Meardon and Laura Walton

Self-care and wellbeing are some things we all take for granted, but it’s an essential part of being human. We are so conditioned to be productive, constantly busy and always on the move that we often forget to take care of ourselves. This is where CBD products come in. CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep quality and reduce pain. It can also help with physical ailments such as arthritis and chronic pain. By using CBD products, you can manage your stress levels, improve your sleep quality and manage your pain. CBD products can help you feel calmer, more relaxed and more focused in everyday life.

Today’s episode of the Female CEO Club is all about wellness and self-care. Liz, our host, is joined by Catherine and Laura from MOI+ME. Inspired by a personal journey of health and wellbeing, these two women are on a mission to make self-care part of everyone’s daily routine.

Catherine and Laura discuss their business, what inspired them to start and why they chose the CBD route as a pathway. They also give insights into their wide range of products, debunking the myths of CBD products, their achievements, aims and goals along with other fascinating topics that make for interesting listening.

Here are key things to listen out for: 

  1. Two businesses that Catherine and Laura set up during the pandemic.
  2.  Two things to look out for when buying a CBD product.
  3. Why did Catherine and Laura come up with the name MOI+ ME?
  4. Welcome 15% discount for Catherine and Laura’s products.


  • [00:37] Introducing Catherine and Laura. 
  • [01:21] How Catherine and Laura met.
  • [02:58] What inspired Catherine and Laura to start their business and why the CBD route?
  • [07:02] How Catherine and Laura debunk CBD product myths.
  • [08:57] How Laura and Catherine feel about starting their business in the midst of the pandemic.
  • [11:46] Some of the MOI+ME products.
  • [19:24] Catherine and Laura’s business aims and goals.
  • [21:36] Catherine and Laura’s biggest achievements so far. 
  • [24:37] Has the friendship between Catherine and Laura caused any miscommunication or disagreements in their business?
  • [27:33] Advice from Catherine and Laura for someone wishing to go on their own entrepreneurial journey.
  • [28:52] Where to get Catherine and Laura’s products.

 Notable Quotes 

  • “I suffered from a condition called endometriosis. And I was diagnosed at 18 with it and up to date have had 15 operations.”
  • “There was only one clear place for me to take this because I really wanted to have a personal story behind my own brand. I’d always said that.”
  • “Any legal products in the UK can’t have THC, although it can have a very, very, very minute trace.”
  • “My biggest learnings through suffering with a woman’s health problem and anxiety is you can’t have anybody if you don’t love yourself.”
  •  “The mission is to get more people trying CBD and more people understanding what CBD is, and how beneficial the power of ingredients we have, within each of our products, they’re all natural based products.”
  • “Self-care is a necessity, like, it’s not just to be seen as a luxury is something we should all be taking very, very seriously.”
  •  “If you believe that, you’ve got a goal, you’ve got a product, you’ve got a service, you’ve got whatever, go and grasp it because life is too short.”


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