Revolutionising financial education for women | Interview with Holly Holland and Laura Pomfret
Revolutionising financial education for women | Interview with Holly Holland and Laura Pomfret

Revolutionising financial education for women | Interview with Holly Holland and Laura Pomfret

Finance isn’t just about being financially literate; it’s also about being mentally healthy and having tools that you can use to achieve your goals. This includes things like self-discipline, goal setting and accountability. These are all things that Laura and her sister Holly Holland have seen to benefit them as well as professionally over the years. What happens when two sisters become entrepreneurs? A splash of inspiration, a dash of love and lots of passion.

In today’s episode of the Female CEO Club, Liz Bhandari interviews sisters and co-founders Laura Pomfret and Holly Holland from Financielle; is a unique financial wellness app. Together, they are on a mission to inspire people through education and motivational content as well as practical money tools. 

Financielle was created by sisters Laura Pomfret and Holly Holland who were fed up with the traditional financial advice offered by banks and financial advisors. They decided to create a new kind of service that would address the needs of women in today’s world by providing them with simple tools to manage their money.

In this episode, they discuss how they got started, what inspired them to start their business, what their goals are for the future of Financielle, how they’re helping women become empowered financial decision makers, and much more!

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Here are key things to listen out for:

  1. There’s a big trust issue when it comes to finance: history tells us that there’s a reason not to be trustworthy of certain financial products and brands and systems and governments
  2. Women are doing impressive things in business but there’s just so few of them: when you want to build a big business as a woman it’s a really weird space to navigate.
  3. Google and Facebook and, and TikTok are all changing.
  4. The right connections and networking can transform a business.
  5. A lot of entrepreneurs were born out of lockdown.
  6. Why proper delegation is really important.


  • [01:11] Introducing Laura Pomfret and Holly Holland.
  • [01:58] What inspired Laura Pomfret and Holly to set up Financielle?
  • [04:16] Do Laura and Holly both have financial backgrounds, or did they both identify a gap and wanted to fill it when they set up Financielle?
  • [06:00] Aims and goals of Financielle.
  • [06:43] Laura and Holly’s view of what success looks like.
  • [07:54] Some of the conversations that Holly and Laura overhear people complimenting their Financielle app.
  • [08:56] What it was like for Laura and Holly to start up their own business in comparison to the average man.
  • [11:06] Mansplainers and people who don’t bring value: Laura and Holly’s opinions
  • [11:50] Some of Financielle most notable successes and achievements
  • [14:14] Why it is every marketer’s dream to have real-life stories
  • [16:03] Some of the hardships Laura and Holly faced while growing their business.
  • [20:06] Some of the common myths about starting your own business and how Laura and Holly discovered the truth.
  • [25:30] Who are the role models for Laura and Holly?
  • [29:35] Laura and Holly’s transition from lockdown to freedom
  • [33:27] Favourite productivity tools and resources for Laura and Holly.
  • [38:41] Laura and Holly’s top tip/advice to any female considering starting her own business

Notable Quotes

  • There are no rules about how you become an entrepreneur. And you don’t have to always have it in you and think that there’s this light bulb moment, actually, sometimes it takes a bit of time.”
  • “We believe, you know, if we can help one person, take control of their money, their partner, or immediate family will benefit from that. And their children are a wider family, and then their community will because this person will have more money and wealth to be able to redistribute and give back to society.”
  • “Everyone in our competitive space jumps straight to investing and doesn’t really deal with the earliest stuff. It’s not as sexy. There’s not as much revenue to be made from it.”
  • “Women tend to play small. And, and that’s a product of a few different things. It’s not that they all set out to play small, it’s that there are less women at the top of big organisations, there are less women starting up businesses that go on to scale and float.”
  • “We’ve found some amazing male advocates in this community of like business and start-ups scaleups, which we’re really fortunate, because I know that that’s not necessarily the case for everybody.”
  • “A bespoke performance marketer has spent 10 to 15 years learning; you’re trying to understand the basics of which something is changing all the time. So, Google and Facebook and, and TikTok are all changing. It’s really hard to see the wood for the trees.”
  • “Being ruthless about your priorities and about what activities are going to drive behaviour is really, really important because so many women want to do everything at once.”
  • “There are loads of successful male entrepreneurs that nobody knows. That’s because there’s an abundance of them.”


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