How to grow your Facebook group
How to grow your Facebook group

How to grow your Facebook group

A Facebook group is one of the oldest social media features; they have served as a platform for like-minded individuals to form an interactive online community. Whether it is to about a TV-series or business-related, They are also the best way to interact with people online.

In light of the algorithm changes, Facebook no longer prioritises brand-related content over other posts. This has affected the views on organic content generated by brands and has forced them to resort to options such as paid ads.

Creating a Facebook group can help brands market themselves while interacting with their customers. This feature has often been overlooked however brands are realising its potential and using it to market themselves, this article is offers four key tips to help you grow your Facebook group (you can follow them for your Facebook page too!).

1. Covering valuable content

We use social media to consume content, your target audience is always looking for more and better content. It acts as the backbone to your Facebook group if the members can’t find anything interesting on your group they are likely to ignore it or leave it. Valuable content is not only content that markets your brand directly but also content that could bring value to the customer. Sharing helpful tips, updates and visuals such as pictures and videos will attract more audience.

2. Interact with members

The main purpose of a Facebook group is engagement, interacting with your group members means you are putting yourself out there. An example of interacting is, adding a call to action at ›the end of your posts, phrases like ‘What are your opinions on this?’ or ‘Share your tips below’ will encourage readers to comment. Asking questions or replying to comments can also help encourage engagement from members. Another great way is to start discussions about topics related to your group. The more active a group is the more members it is likely to attract.

3. Call out to your dedicated fans 

As a growing brand, you must take advantage of your existing followers across other social media platforms. Asking them to join the Facebook group and help promote it can also bring in more members. There is also an option to link your Facebook page with your Facebook group. Often people following a brand’s Facebook page are unaware of the group’s existence. Market your group to your existing fans before looking for new members. If you have an emailing list you could also send an update about the group on it.

4. Targeted Offers

Offering members a targeted offer will give them an incentive to join the group. Although an audience that is genuinely interested in your brand and content is the best type of audience but more than often it is easy to convert one time customers to loyal ones. A targeted offer is a good way to attract an audience that is likely to overlook the group.

Key takeaways

This article discussed some of the most basic yet essential things one can do to grow their Facebook group. As mentioned above content that brings value to not only your brand but also the members will always attract an audience. You do not want your Facebook group to look like a self-promotion feed. Interacting with members will keep the group alive and the members engaged while targeted offers attract members that would otherwise not be interested. 

These tips will help you grow your Facebook page but if you’re in a position to hire an expert to help you we’d love to support. Learn more about our social media services.

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