How to get the best engagement on Instagram
How to get the best engagement on Instagram

How to get the best engagement on Instagram

Building your brands Instagram following and engagement is a time-consuming process that requires consistency apart from anything else. As a leading social media platform, Instagram is one of the most effective marketing tools for brands these days. However, due to the ever-changing algorithm and excess content, it is often difficult to get your desired amount of engagement on posts.

Understanding the algorithm is can definitely be helpful in increasing engagement but it is not the most reliable. So this article is a fool-proof guide to increasing Instagram engagement. Unlike shortcuts and faster methods, these tips will bring you an organic following.

1.  Develop a brand identity 

What sets you apart from your competitors is your brand identity. If a brand does not have a distinct identity, it often gets lost in the mix of many others like it. Your brand’s identity is what followers see your brand as. It gives a sense of individuality to the brand and followers are attracted to the uniqueness that you show through brand identity. When choosing an identity to be specific to what suits your brand product or service and a theme that best represents it.

2.  Engage with your audience 

There are numerous ways to engage with your followers, interactive posts and stories being the most popular. Using emojis in captions and stories will attract followers as they are a visual cue. Asking questions by using the ‘ask me a question’ tool available on stories will encourage followers to not only engage but also come back to your stories. Replying to comments on your posts will also encourage your followers to comment more.

3.  Make a posting schedule 

The content you put on your Instagram should not only be unique to your brand but also well planned. Timing and quantity are important, for example, posting too soon means you are posting too much content. Putting out too much content can cause important posts to be overlooked and quality is often compromised. Similarly having an irregular posting schedule means your followers do not have anything to look forward to. A regular posting schedule means you can synchronise your posting time to when your audience is most likely to view it.

4.  Showcase your brand 

It is important to showcase your brand, talk about your products or engage with posts by customers. Reposting content related to your brand is not only a good way of showcasing it but also engaging with your audience.

5.  Engage with relevant accounts

Engaging with other accounts that are relevant to your brand also helps direct audience to your account. Tagging relevant people will direct their audience to your posts, similarly sharing content from other accounts will help direct audience to your account.

Key takeaways 

Your Instagram engagement depends on your how well you showcase your brand. A distinct brand image that is unique to your brand will help you stand out. While interacting with other accounts through sharing content and engaging on their posts will help redirect the audience. The process of building engagement requires planning and consistency but can do wonders for your brand’s marketing.

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