How to Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page
How to Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media sites for professionals and businesses. It is this eras business networking event, whether it is to market your business or become a part of an online community of individuals in your specific field. 

LinkedIn has become one of the most efficient ways of marketing and building connections. However, all of this is possible, if you have a high enough reach. This is a guide on how you can effectively grow your LinkedIn business page.

1.   Build a consistent brand 

The most important aspect of any brand is its image, it what the customer sees and is attractive or replied to. The phrase refers to having a solid brand identity that you showcase over all platforms. Your LinkedIn business page should reflect what your brand is and what it stands for.

It is an extension that complements your business, directing audience towards it.  Your brand image should be the same on all platforms. Remaining consistent enables you to use your soical media platforms to promote yourself on others, such as using your Facebook Page to promote your LinkedIn page.

2.   Make a posting schedule

A posting schedule means you have set time and amount of content that you will put out for your audience. It gives a sense of uniformity to your page and helps business owners decide how much quality content they can produce. Some people post daily, whereas others limit themselves to two or posts a week. Deciding what works best for you and your business help avoid posting irrelevant content or too much content that has no value.  

3.   Join LinkedIn groups

Being a networking site LinkedIn mainly serves the purpose of connecting people that belong to the same industry. Joining groups related to your industry will open up new networking opportunities for you. Interacting within the group and making your presence known is an effective way to attract followers. These groups also serve as a source of information on industry news and developments as well as a medium of observing your competition.

4.   Post original content 

Content is defiantly the most important aspects when it comes to a business page. The goal is to attract followers by producing original and new posts. Visual content receives much more views than longer posts, use videos and pictures. The way you format your content also plays an important role in how well it will be received. Use a precise way to communicate your message while sharing experiences and knowledge that you think is unique to you.

5.   Share relevant content

Sharing other content related to the industry and handpicked posts by others will make your account a source of curated industry-related content. This means the audience that is not primarily interested in your business will also be attracted to your page, helping increase engagement.

Key takeaways

To conclude the guide a strong and consistent brand image paired with engaging posts is the best route to take when trying to grow your LinkedIn business page. Make use of the networking options on the site to build your presence in the industry by joining groups and relevant sharing content. The networking platform prioritises organic growth so a small but interactive following is better than a page with a lot of followers and no engagement.

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